Bowser is main enemy in Super Mario 63. At the beginning of the game he with his minion Kamek, stolen all Sunshines and kidnapped Princess Peach. Bowser is a Dragon - Koopa who is throwing flames from his mouth


At the time of battle with Bowser you need to take him from back and when you are close to his tail you must press down button. Then you must press repadley right and left buttons. When you are ready to throw him on mine press space.


Bowser appears three times in game and one time in game you find Bowser duplicate. When you touch Bowser you will take damage. 

Here are some bowser appearences:

  1. Bowser's first trap
  2. Bowser's seccond trap
  3. Bowser's Final Castle

And duplicate of bowser you can meet at the middle of Bowser's final Castle.